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Sli Pros-Prota Zoa by RAC1000 Sli Pros-Prota Zoa by RAC1000
a new and unique slime girl character i made up for Sli Pros [link] like most slimed beings, she doesnt remember what she originally was in her previous life, only that she was human and her name was Rachel. she moves on and tries to discover why the slug is on Earth. she is kind, slimy, and voluptuous. she is your purple hopes and dreams. here's her little bio:

"ever since that giant slime slug [link] came, i heard it ruined many areas in Argentina, Russia, and even the United States. but i cant really remember much. and i dont really care, hehe."

"that slug's body seems to have some sort of chemical property that can warp organic matter into his own kind of organic matter. when it warps an animal or a human, that being transforms into a living slime, devoid of most or all of its knowlege of its previous being. it happened to me too. i have no clue of who i was before. all that i can say is that i was indeed a human, and my original name was Rachel something."

"but that time is gone, i am a new being. whatever possible boring life i had as a human, i will erase as a slime girl. and as Prota, as i like to call myself, i will go on an insane adventure to find out more about the alien slug and where it came from. i could get killed, but i'm taking my luscious lubricated chances, hehe."
Mega-Man-King Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
She's pretty.
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